``The rapid birth of new technologies brings greater risks and greater opportunities than ever before``
Helen Souness, CEO, RMIT University, Melbourne.

Train the Trader Workshops will put you at the forefront of discovery and equip you with the confidence and strategies to take on this changing industry.


A customised workshop with Ewen Sedwell, owner of Stocks to Crypto, is the next step on your journey to become a profitable new generation trader.


Ewen invites you to roll up your sleeves and take the much needed time to discover your inner trading personality, essential for building a long-term, profitable business that resonates.

Ewen will work with you to research and demystify many of the commonly-used trading terms and methods, enabling you to create future trading goals and plans, relevant in next generation trading.

This is the solution to expand your knowledge of the crypto market and reignite your business.


Ready to take trading to the next level?

Wanting to find a trading style that suits you?

Ready to unlock future trading goals and plans with emphasis on the crypto market?


Ewen Sedwell

With decades of international experience in investment banking, management consulting and fund management, Ewen’s new focus is on sharing his extensive knowledge and skills in the finance and crypto currency markets.

With his immense knowledge in this complex and often misunderstood industry, he will clarify direction, mentor your inner trading style and equip you with the strategies required to turn an interest into a business.


And take the next step on your journey to become a profitable new generation trader.