Lay the foundation for a trading career

With a STOCKSTOCRYPTO detailed intraday trading course

Trade plan & template for intraday trading on 15 minute charts with most trades being held for 60 minutes or less

You can trade for just a few hours per day or for much longer if you wish

 Unlike many trading “methods” available, this course actually makes profits consistently.

 This course provides a proper trading plan [“as used” by the author] and not just a “method”.

 Recent personal usage of this trading plan has shown an accuracy rate of 70%+ winning trades

 There is a positive profit expectancy every week.


  1. New traders wishing to learn a structured profitable approach to trading
  2. Traders who have been only marginally profitable or who have not been profitable && would benefit from an Objective Structured approach to trading
  3. Traders who have been trading longer-term timeframes such as Daily charts & who wish to venture into Day Trading
  4. Anyone else who wants to earn $$ from a few hours each day and maybe only for a few days each week

Trading is not for everyone and we recommend you test them on a demo account, however these trading plans will help you determine whether you have what it takes to make trading your future.


The next step whether a first-time trader or an existing trader wanting to advance your skills and make trading your career is to register for our advanced courses focusing on Forex, the knowledge and skills obtained can be the continue your journey towards becoming a consistently profitable professional trader.

We hold an introduction course prior to the scheduled dates

REGISTRATION FEE: $200 (inc. GST) Fee refundable (less admin costs) on cancellations up to 48 hours prior to course.

COURSE DATE: 8 June and 12 June 2019

If you need any extra incentive to REGISTER NOW you will love this.

We will provide all attendees with a Forex strategy, which, with your newly acquired skills, you can tailor to suit your individual trader personality type, as identified during the course.

But wait, there is more – we will credit your introductory fee of $200 against our 3 month “roll up your sleeves” advanced academy workshop, details of which will be available at the seminar.

Class sizes are limited to 20 to ensure all receive a personal training experience.

Treat yourself and come test the waters with this easy-to-follow interactive and very user-friendly course.

I invite you to complete our intro trading quiz which is based around forex.

Register for our February Introductory Seminars or request more information via the form below.

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